John E. Bodnar is a photographer who has been serving the Greater Pittsburgh region with his services since 2005.  Originally beginning with practicing by photographing still life with a Canon AT-1 35mm film camera, he soon built up a strong hobby with photography.  After getting a degree in multimedia technologies, he moved onto digital and began shooting with a Canon EOS 20d.  Soon afterwards, he began to work as an assistant to a professional wedding photographer and was also photographing music events.

Building up his experience, he soon took on more work by also photographing a few benefits as well as volunteering his services for various events throughout the city.  Around the same time, he began to help a friend with an art hub called The Creative Treehouse north of the city of Pittsburgh.  This helped pave the way to doing more volunteer work as well as having space to practice his craft and build his portfolio.  At the same time, his wedding photography service began to pick up around the same time giving him more time to build and enhance his skills.

Over the past few years, John has assisted by volunteering his time to photograph the American Lung Association Stair Climb, helped with photographing the Clean Air Campaign occurring at Pitt University, and also has been published by Photographer’s Forum Magazine.  He is active in submitting photography works to contests that are held around the globe, including the Lucie’s.

Please contact John if you are in need of somebody to photograph your event, wedding, or even if you need to update your headshots.

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